The YES room!

Special thank you to Lucy and Tuck! Didn’t they do a fabulous job with that video tour of the Focus Room?  They did so good I vote to be less wordy and more video-y!

One of the main purposes of the Focus Room is to eliminate the battles.  All of you parents of toddlers understand what I’m saying.  

Curious kids get into everything!  

So instead of following Yosie around our home saying, “No, no, no, no, that’s dangerous!”. “Stop, stop, stop, no, please don’t!”  We’ve created a space where the battles are non existent.  

I know, I know.  All you parents of toddlers are drooling with envy right now, aren’t you? 

By eliminating the battles in this Focus Room we can really start developing the trust and social/relational deficits.  

You can imagine the distance that was increasing between us and Yosie.  

Now we have a space to let the “Yeses” roll off our lips with ease and joy!  And look at what is being done for her social/relation deficit.    Up to this point, this meaningful type of eye contact had been limited to non existent…. And her attempts at functional speech!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “The YES room!

  1. Way to go, Yosie! You look amazing. Jess, your recent posts are so encouraging. I was exposed to the Sonrise program a few years ago, and I have reviewed their online resources since you mentioned them. Such a breath of fresh air!

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