Focus Room Schedule

We weren’t more than a few days into this Son Rise Program before we realized that a Focus Room Schedule is essential!

It keeps everyone accountable and aware.  It also decreases confusion and chaos.

We decided how many total hours a week we wanted to work one on one with Yosie.  Then we decided to divide that into seven days.  You could just do five days a week.  And that gave us a blue print for about how many hours a day we need to spend in the Focus Room.  

We have been doing this for about forty hours a week.  Some days we devote six hours a day and some days we devote ten.  It just depends on the week and our other commitments. 

We each seem to have a time frame of effectiveness in the Focus Room.  The kids each take two, thirty minute sessions a day.  And they all stay very alert and enthusiastic for those sessions.  Josh and I and a close friend of ours each take at least a two hour session a day.  I’m still adjusting to being energetic and enthusiastic for two straight hours.  I’m improving everyday.  It’s funny how much energy it takes to play!  

Stay Tuned to find out how to create social goals for them Focus Room. 


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